Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nu:Tone - Words And Pictures (Instrumentals & Acapellas) [NHS184DDIA] [2011] [Web]

Label: Hospital Records
Cat#: NHS184DDIA
Format: Web
Released: 2011-03
Style: Drum and Bass
T R A C K L I S T I N G :
01. Shine In (Instrumental)
02. Shine In Accapella (featuring Natalie Williams)
03. Coming Back (Instrumental)
04. Coming Back Accapella (featuring Heidi Vogel)
05. The Feeling (Instrumental)
06. The Feeling (Accapella)
07. The First Time Ever (Instrumental)
08. The First Time Ever Accapella (Featuring Natalie Williams)
09. Piece Of You (Instrumental)
10. Piece Of You Accapella (featuring Stac)
11. Broken (Instrumental)
12. Broken Accapella (featuring Kyan)
13. Win The Fight (Instrumental)
14. Win The Fight Accapella (featuring Lisa Milett)
15. One (Instrumental)
16. One Accapella (featuring Sophie Paul)
17. Do You Like It (Instrumental)
18. Do You Like It Accapella (featuring Natalie Williams)
19. The Love Has Gone (Instrumental)
20. The Love Has Gone Accapella (featuring Kyan)
21. Invisible (Instrumental)
22. Invisible Accapella (featuring Natalie Williams)
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